Ransom Stile House
Circa 1820

Stiles House Photo

Ransom Stiles was a successful merchant, community leader, and a slave sympathizer. Located on Main Street near the center of the Village of Argyle in Upstate New York, the Ransom Stiles House is an excellent example of the Federal style design of the prominent American architect, Asher Benjamin. The Ransom Stiles House, with its original ornate interior details, six fireplaces and wide board floors, offers an opportunity for the future generations a look into America‘s proud past.

The Underground Railroad in Argyle?

It has been recorded that the Ransom Stiles House once had several recessed chambers in the basement. These underground passages were said to have led from his property to some five hundred feet to the west. Your donations will help the efforts to explore this history and restore this building to its 1800’s grandeur.


Asher Benjamin


Asher Benjamin Portrait

Asher Benjamin was born in Hartland, Connecticut in 1773. In 1797, at the age of twenty-four, he published The Country Builder’s Assistant, the first architectural book compiled by an American. This book is still in print today. By 1843, he had written seven books. These titles span forty-six years. His earliest approach to architectural design is generally called Federal. By the end of his life, Benjamin had achieved enough status to participate in discussions that led to the formation of the American Institute of Architects.