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NEW ! --> Here are some nice interior photographs by Michael Bartlett.

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Buy a brick and benefit the Stiles house restoration!

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We are moving forward with the front porch; we thought we would share what is proposed.

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Stiles Committee meeting schedule

July 20, 5:30 Stiles House

September 14, 5:30 Stiles House

October 5, 5:30 Firehouse

November 2 5:30 Firehouse

December 7 5:30 Firehouse

Stiles Committee meeting minutes

08-14-2013  (html)  (PDF)

06-03-2013  (html)  (PDF)

04-29-2013  (html)  (PDF)

12-18-2011  (html)  (PDF)
09-09-2011  (html)  (PDF)
07-02-2011  (html)  (PDF)
06-04-2011  (html)  (PDF)

01-30-2011  (html)  (PDF)
01-13-2011  (html)  (PDF)
04-17-2010  (html)  (PDF)
03-28-2010  (html)  (PDF)
02-21-2010  (html)  (PDF)
11-08-2009  (html)  (PDF)
09-19-2009  (html)  (PDF)
08-15-2009  (html)  (PDF)
06-20-2009  (html)  (PDF)
05-09-2009  (html)  (PDF)
02-28-2009  (html)  (PDF)
01-31-2009  (html)  (PDF)

Volunteers are needed!

If you are interested in getting involved with the renovation of this historic building, we would be excited to hear from you. 

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Please contact us to express your interest.


Be the change you want to see in the world.

Argyle Cultural and
Community Center

Dear Friends,

Thanks to your generous donations, the Ransom Stiles Renovation Committee is proud to report that PHASE 1 of the renovation project is close to complete. 

Phase 1 includes the installation of the heating system, new electric, rebuilding of the four chimneys and repointing of both the North and South exterior brick walls. 

Many of the materials needed were donated or bought at cost. Most of the labor for this project has been volunteered. All are welcome to volunteer by contacting the Ransom Stiles Renovation Committee at 518-638-8415. 

In addition to the work on the building, the ball fields have been completed and are operated by the Argyle Youth Commission under a License Agreement with the Village. 

Thank you for your support. 

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